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Power Zones for Mixed Interval Classes - This is How to do it!

How to use and understand the 7 power zones for mixed interval classes.

The basics of the power zones are quite easy to understand; They have a name and if you spend most of you time in one specific zone, you will improve your fitness level specific within that area. So if you spend all of your time in Zone 2 - Endurance, you will improve your endurance. If you spend all your time in Zone 5 - VO2max, you will improve just that.

But if your audience is not cyclists but "just" members in your Gym looking for a cardio class with great music and mixed intervals, all the knowledge from the Cyclist´s way of using the power zones might not help you to prep for class. Below you can read how we think you should look at the Power Zones for mixed intervals clases that are not cycling specific.

Level 1 – Active Recovery

Use this level for warm up, active recovery, cool down and for recovery between intervals

Level 2 – Endurance

Use this level for warm up, easy transfer from recovery or longer intervals at BASE level.

Level 3 – Tempo

Use this level for your main set. It´s good for fartlek and a good solid base that will enhance your overall fitness and allow you to do lots of intervals. This is the level you keep coming back to!

Level 4 – Threshold

Use this level for the intervals in your workout, where you want FOCUS from your students but still leave them with that feeling of being in control with their training and mental capacity. This is not the level for “giving up”, but you will feel alive and focused!

Level 5 – VO2max

Use this level for intervals “above” the threshold limit. You will challenge your students and bring the energy higher and higher. Remember that you do not have to do 8 minutes of workout in this zone – less can do!

Level 6 – Anaerobic Capacity

Use this level for intervals where you want your students to go almost “all out” but without that blast in the beginning. This will allow you to do more sets of intervals.

Level 7 – Neuromuscular Power

The final sprint, Tabata “take off” or other high intensity intervals. These intervals “attack” on the nervous system will make your students legs suffer badly – make sure you give them enough recovery time if you want to perform more than 1 set.

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